To lessees

For our clients we offer optimum financial conditions, rapid solutions and flexible forms of co-operation.

Advantages of leasing from Limited Company "Financial Leasing Company "Kuznetsky Most":
  • Acquisition of the most favorable financial conditions. We are «the large wholesale buyer of money» and we solve with our banking-partners all questions of attraction of means.
  • Leasing is a source of intermediate term attraction of means. Terms of leasing from 1 to 5 years and more (depending on parametres of the concrete leasing transaction).
  • It is the real financial mechanism for regulation of taxable base. According to item 264 the tax code of Russian Federation all leasing payments join «in structure of the miscellaneous costs connected with manufacture and realization», and according to item 259 the tax code of Russian Federation only in leasing (and anywhere more) probably 3-fold increase in amortization that as a result gives essential economy under the profit tax and the tax to property.
  • The minimum derivation of own means of the client for property acquisition. At the conclusion of the contract of leasing from Limited Company "Financial Leasing Company "Kuznetsky Most" to be brought by the client the minimum advance payment (from 10 % to 30 %), other sum is financed by the company.
  • Presence of the checked up partners-suppliers and partners in insurance provides to our clients the best prices and terms, and also guarantees reliable protection at approach of insured events.
  • Returnable leasing. Replenishment of circulating assets of the company plus a tax board under the profit tax and property.
  • Highly skilled personnel. A long-term operational experience in the leasing sphere. Among our employees graduates and teachers of Academy of national economy at the Government of the Russian Federation.
Being the classical non-bank universal leasing company, we have the possibility to offer our clients the most favorable conditions from existing lenders on the market.